2014 Small Business of the Year

Bhindi Jewellers (Artesia)

Bhindi Jewellers

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) announced Bhindi Jewellers as her “2014 Small Business of the Year.” Bhindi Jewellers has a history dating back 70 years in the Fiji Islands, and is currently situated in four U.S. locations – Los Angeles, Glendale, San Francisco, and Atlanta. Bhindi’s Los Angeles location can be found in the renowned “Little India” corridor in Artesia.

Vinod Bhindi and his two brothers have become veteran masters in the gold and diamond industry with their 7,000 square foot Artesia flagship store. The Bhindi collection is centered on luxury and elegance, catering to clients who value timeless and unique jewelry. Bhindi has become entrusted as an authorized dealer for Rolex, Chanel and many other outstanding lines.

Ashwin Bhindi, the founder’s son, designs several of the jewelry with the notion of including a “little more modern style, New Age and western concepts, so that the jewelry is applicable to all sorts of ages and demographics." This practice gives the jewelry a “clean cut.”

Bhindi Jewelers is an active participant in the advancement of the City of Artesia and are supportive of many charitable endeavors and foundations, such as the American India Foundation. They also provide the City of Artesia with a substantial tax base from their growing and prosperous business.

Aside from its charitable giving, Bhindi Jewelers has been instrumental in building Little Artesia. Since its inception in Artesia, Bhindi has added to California’s diversity by influencing many South Asian Indian businesses to sprout along the infamous Pioneer Boulevard and 183rd Street intersection. As a result, the families and tourists of Southern California have learned about Indian traditions, dishes, apparel, and culture.