October 26, 2014

Christmas Basket Pico Rivera

This hard working nonprofit organization is run by a dedicated group of Pico Rivera seniors who volunteer their time and energy to provide emergency food and clothing to Pico Rivera families throughout the year.


October 19, 2014


Mr. Bob Varden, founder and outreach coordinator for FoodHelp, a Downey based food bank that provides boxes of food, every Saturday to many families in need. Responding to the needs of the disability community Bob also is a mentor to men at the Southern CA Resource Services for Independent Living. Thank you Mr. Bob Varden for your heart & commitment to the community.


Cindy Van Meeveren

From Bellflower, CA, Cindy Van Meeveren is a strong believer that it truly does take a village to create a positive change in our communities. As a volunteer coordinator, Cindy successfully recruited over 16,000 hours of service from residents. She's a shining example of what a community can accomplish when it bands together.

For more on Cindy A. Van Meeveren, click here.

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January 11, 2014

Gary and Kathy Dietz founded Bellflower's Youth Cultural Arts Foundation in 1998. YCAF has offered young people, particularly at-risk & underserved youth throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, the opportunity to participate in arts-based extracurricular programs.

YCAF's mission is to "empower young people to effect social change through creativity, with the goal of encouraging youngsters to participate in and learn about all facets of the creative arts, including, but not limited to the performing arts, visual arts and creative writing. In doing so, YCAF believes the children will become productive, civic-minded citizens."

Because of Gary and Kathy's tireless efforts, local children are able to gain confidence, while honing their creative skills, through plays, musicals, master classes & talent competitions. 
The quality of the program, combined with the leadership of Kathy and Gary, creates a caring, supportive environment, where children can thrive.

Thank you to the Youth Cultural Arts Foundation for being friends, mentors and family to so many deserving young people in our communities!


#Pride58 is a campaign I am launching to highlight the positive contributions happening every day in our community, the 58th Assembly District.

I will honor a deserving individual, organization, or business each Sunday throughout the year with the "#Pride58” Award, which recognizes service and dedication to the betterment of the community.

If you know of an inspiring person, organization or business who has served their community with distinction, I want to know about them. Please join me by submitting your nominees for consideration. Nominees will be accepted year round and evaluated on an ongoing basis.