2017 Legislation

AB 91 – Riverside County Carpool Lanes: Makes carpool lanes in Riverside County open to all vehicles during off-peak traffic hours.

AB 162 – Tax Cuts for Small Businesses: Makes more small businesses eligible for a state tax cut by redefining “small business” for the purposes of the California Competes Tax Credit Program to businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees. 

AB 179 – Reform of the California Transportation Commission: Adds expertise requirements to seven appointed CTC commissioners (including transit, air pollution, public health, etc.). 

AB 193 – Rebates for Used Clean Cars: Establishes a program to provide rebates for the purchase of used clean cars. 

AB 226 – Teaching Credentials for Military Spouses: Gives priority to the spouses of active U.S. Military servicemembers who are applying for a teaching credential. 

AB 244 – Post-Pregnancy Mental Health: Creates a pilot project in Riverside County for telephone referrals for treating post-pregnancy mental health issues.

AB 296 – Women Veterans Health Task Force: Establishes a Women Veterans Health Task Force within the California Department of Veterans Affairs to study issues facing women veterans. 

AB 361 – Apprenticeship Tax Cut: Allows employers to apply for a $1,000 tax cut for hiring a registered apprentice (for up to 10 apprentices).

AB 410 – Prohibiting Teacher Induction Fees: Addresses the statewide teacher shortage by prohibiting local educational agencies from charging prospective teachers any fee for participating in training that is required to obtain a teaching credential. 

AB 863 – Promoting Local Entrepreneurs: Requires the Strategic Growth Council to include local entrepreneurs when selecting projects for funding.

AB 951 – UC Riverside Law School: Creates a school of law at University of California, Riverside. 

AB 1124 – Diplomas for At-Risk Youth: Requires county offices of education to issue diplomas for eligible juvenile court school students after reviewing the student's educational record. 

AB 1200 – Resources for Elder Care: Establishes the Aging & Disability Resource Connection program to provide elders and their families with information regarding long-term care programs. 

AB 1475 – Sentence Enhancements for Grand Theft Auto: Adds a sentence enhancement for individuals convicted of felony grand theft auto. For every prior grand theft auto conviction on record, it would add an additional year to the prison sentence. 

AB 1618 – Grants for Veterans Service Organizations: Creates a process to certify legitimate organizations that provide services to veterans. Also creates a competitive grant program for those organizations.

AJR 4 – Helping Californians Buy and Keep Their Homes: Calls upon POTUS to save eligible California homeowners an average of $860 per year by reinstating an Obama-era cut to Federal Housing Administration-backed loan insurance premiums.