2018 Legislation

AB 91 – Riverside County Carpool Lanes: Makes carpool lanes in Riverside County open to all vehicles during off-peak traffic hours.

AB 162 – Continuous Access Carpool Lanes: Allows Riverside County commuters to enter or exit carpool lanes at any point, rather than only at designated locations on the freeway.

AB 193 – Clean Reused Vehicle Rebate Project: Provides rebates to consumers who buy a used clean car.

AB 1746 – Consolidation of Sex Crime Prosecutions: Expedites the prosecution of perpetrators who commit serial sexual battery or statutory rape across multiple counties.

AB 1767 – Kickstart My Future Loan Forgiveness: Provides recent college graduates with up to two years of debt relief for federal student loans.

AB 1786 – Veteran Student Curriculum Articulation: Creates a system to help veteran students attending community college get class credits for their military-based training.

AB 1882 – Human Trafficking Over the Internet: Makes it a felony to use the internet for the purposes of engaging in human trafficking.

AB 1896 – College Sexual Assault Counselors: Ensures that conversations between student survivors of sexual assault and counselors on college campuses remain confidential.

AB 1904 – Apprenticeship Tax CreditProvides tax cuts to businesses that employ registered apprentices.

AB 1994 – Sex offender jail release notification: Provides law enforcement with more tools to track registered sex offenders who are admitted to or released from county jails.

AB 2080 – County Jail Admission/Release Data: Requires both admission and release from county jails be reported to the Department of Justice within 30 days.

AB 2123 – District Based Elections: Provides local governments with more time to effect transitions from at-large to district-based elections. 

ACA 31 – Public Executive Pay Reform Act of 2018: Caps salary for public executives at the level provided to the Governor of California.

HR 74 – Girls & Women in Sports Week: Proclaims January 29, 2018, to February 4, 2018, as California Girls and Women in Sports Week.

HR 93 – Proposition 13 and Homeowners’ Rights Protection Week: Declares June 3, 2018, to June 9, 2018, as Proposition 13 and Homeowners’ Rights Protection Week.