2019 #Pride58

Yvonne T. Camacho, Pico Rivera
Yvonne T. Camacho

Yvonne T. Camacho Gonzalez was instrumental in establishing a pilot program that grew into the local youth soccer program through the American Youth Soccer Association, AYSO. With proof of self-sustainability, Yvonne was able to transition the Program to Region 603. She left the program in 2007 with 500 participants. AYSO Region 603 now has over 1,000 participants and a permanent field located in Smith Park. Her passion to work with children and underserved has driven her to work with Girl Scouts, Angels Step Inn, Catholic Charities, City of Hope, Red Cross, Christmas Basket Committee, Whittier Boys/Girls Club and the Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce. Her position within the Chamber has led her to many more volunteer opportunities.

Designated Exceptional Services for Independence (D.E.S.I.), Bell Gardens
Designated Exceptional Services for Independence

Designated Exceptional Services for Independence (D.E.S.I) was founded 10 years ago by Elizabeth Jinzo. The organization began through Jinzo witnessing the disconnect between the existence of innovative concepts in special education and services available for her autistic daughter. Most services offered traditional models like segregated “sheltered workshops.” Jinzo sought to offer more modern solutions, such as programs emphasizing community integration, person-centered planning, and social justice.

In the 10 years since its origin, D.E.S.I has served some of the most vulnerable residents of the 58th Assembly District, by being a service provider for the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (ELARC) and South-Central Los Angeles Regional Center (SCLARC).

Miguel Angel Wong Rivera, Norwalk 
Miguel Angel Wong Rivera

Miguel has been a long-time resident of the City of Norwalk and continuously works towards serving his community. In 2009, Miguel was in a life-changing accident that left him unable to walk. Although this may have been seen as a barrier to most, Miguel used this event to transform the lives of others through storytelling, backpack giveaways, and scholarship programs. Additionally, in 2014, Miguel became the founder of the nonprofit organization called “Dream Big Project” to educate, inspire, and support youth in his community. Miguel is currently substituting for NLMUSD and has returned to coach the Norwalk High Junior Varsity Football Team. He is also a graduate student at Azusa Pacific University where he is pursuing his Master of Arts in Educational Counseling and Clinical Counseling. In the future, he aspires to open a youth wellness center in Norwalk to empower youth, especially those who may often face adversity.

Gabriela Casillas, Commerce

Gabriela Casillas

Gabriela Casillas is an outstanding teacher at Rosewood Park School and is the first and only teacher in MUSD to fully include two students with Down syndrome in her classroom. As a mother of a child with Down syndrome, Gabriela embraces the opportunity to model inclusivity by devoting her time to additional training to support her students with special needs. Whether that be during snack, recess, or even after-work hours. Gabriela is not only a committed, creative, dedicated, and supportive teacher, but she serves as a model for her peers.

Moises Rios-Hernandez, Downey

Moises Rios-Hernandez

Moises Rios-Hernandez is the owner, head butcher, and pit master at Luis’ Butcher Shop in Downey. Before becoming a butcher, Moises served in the United States Marine Corps. He served two deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom. He founded Courage Forward, a nonprofit organization that serves all cities, including Norwalk. Courage Forward outreaches to veterans to provide a network of resources such as employment, housing, and health access. Moises, well known for breaking the stigma of Veterans, serves the community at homeless kitchens, and mentors’ youth for future job opportunities. Moises’ mission is to humanize veterans and educate the community that veterans are employable, public servants, parents, and tax-paying citizens and that their contributions go far beyond their service abroad is a humbling example of not just community service, but leadership.


Monica Mendez, Bellflower 

Monica Mendez

Monica Mendez is a resident of Bellflower, co-owner of the Guild House. Monica Mendez and her husband Charles use their business, the Guild House, as a vehicle to donate to sports clubs and fundraise for community events.  Monica is a board member and Treasurer of the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce and is known for attending almost every ribbon cutting, grand opening, and networking event to support local businesses in Bellflower.

As a committed board member, she assists in organizing 'Trick or Treat on the Boolevard' and Carnival, hosts 4th of July stands, and is well known for dressing up as a fairy godmother at events to encourage energy, positivity, and spirit in Bellflower. She enjoys engaging the youth in the community through creative activities that inspire youth to take on hobbies that bring them to downtown Bellflower. Monica believes that downtown Bellflower is now an epicenter for hobbyists because of the work she put in to make that happen. She takes pride in being a helper and empowering others.

Murali Vasudevan, Cerritos 

Murali Vasudevan

Murali Vasudevan continues to serve not only the parents of ABC Unified School District but their students as well. He is a part of the Parent-Teacher Association throughout the ABC Council, 33rd District, and the California State PTA.

His passion for the next generation is reflected in his relationship with parents and community engagement. He volunteers extensive hours providing priceless information and resources to students and parents of ABCUSD and the City of Cerritos. Murali has created innovative programs to help promote the welfare of children and families. His efforts have helped countless youth in our community and his dedication is genuinely appreciated.

The City of Cerritos along with the ABC Unified School District are both proud to have Murali as a resident and a parent for their schools.


Risher Mortuary, Downey 

Risher Mortuary

Risher Mortuary is a family owned business established in 1959, by Ray and Marge Risher. Their daughter, Barbara Risher Welch, now owns the business and together with her husband Greg Welch, have dedicated it to serving the community in many special ways.

Risher Mortuary has received many awards for the care and support of the underserved throughout the assembly district. They have also created the Risher Mortuary and Cremation Service, "Caring for Others" Scholarship, where each year they award $10,000 in scholarships to local graduating seniors.

Dan E. Nino, Cerritos 

Dan E. Nino

Dan E. Nino has done so much for Cerritos. He is a lifelong community leader, a journalist, a tax practitioner and motivational speaker. Before his retirement in 2000, he worked as a sales tax collector for the State Board of Equalization for 27 years. Even though he was employed, he volunteered as a part time journalist and news writer for both Gateway Guardian and Philippine Post.

As he became more involved, he reached out to other local organizations in the city of Los Angeles. He was a part of the Rescue Mission through Los Angeles Skid Row and held a water station for the Los Angeles Marathon.

As a community organizer, Mr. Nino was the Founding President of Associations of Mangatarem Overseas Resident (AMOR) of Southern California for and he also served as President of Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA. Mr. Nino’s experience speaks a lot about his character and community organizing and volunteering are no stranger to his experience.

Daniel Koppe, Downey

Daniel Koppe

Daniel Koppe is only 16 years old and has already gone above and beyond for his community. He attends California Virtual Academy (CVA) and upon doing research on homelessness for his journalism class, he wondered if there were homeless youth in his community that he could help.

Koppe reached out to his brother’s high school, Warren High School, and upon setting up a meeting with their Dean of Students, he realized the immediate action his community required. Therefore, he began to organize the “Homeless for the Holidays” campaign to bring awareness to the community of the amount of homeless students in Downey. Through the campaign he was able to get a variety of goods to the less fortunate students in the Downey Unified School District.

Daniel is a great advocate and leader once it comes to the issue of homelessness and having someone start at such a young age determines their dedication and passion towards change.

Diane Padelford Young, Artesia 

Diane Padelford Young

Diane Padelford Young is a resident of Artesia and has been involved extensively with the Chamber of Commerce along with her position of CEO of the Padelford and Sons Construction. She is also involved with the Methodist Church in which her family members have been long time parishioners.

As faithful parishioners of the Methodist Church, she is the Educational Chairperson of Arts and Crafts and has taught Bible Vacation Camp for the past 15 years as well as served as Co-Chair for the annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon. She is also a founding member of the Artesia Historical Society in which she had previously served as Secretory and now as Treasurer.

She is a very talented decorator and has been very involved in decorating for the Historical Gala fundraiser and overall special events at the museums. Artesia is proud to have Diane Padelford Young not only as a resident but as a leader.

Henry Fimbres, Montebello 

Henry Fimbres

Henry Fimbres has always serviced the City of Montebello. For the past 25 years of service Henry has served as a Park Ranger working alongside the Montebello Police Department, as a City Life Guard, and helped coach with the Montebello Baseball Association.

Throughout his time serving the City, Henry worked countless events ranging from the City’s Diamond Jubilee parade to the Circus Vargas at the park. Henry continues to model the importance of volunteering by going out into the community and serving in many events like the Christmas at the Cannon, 911 Commemoration, City Memorial and Veteran’s Day ceremonies.

Today Henry serves on a variety of organizations including the Montebello Lions Club, Montebello Elks, and currently serves as a Commissioner Vice-Chair for the Culture and Recreation Commission. He also serves as First Vice President of the National Latino Peace Officers Association-East Los Angeles Chapter

M’s Flowers, Montebello 

M's Flowers

M’s Flowers from the city of Montebello has always served its community. They have regularly donated floral arrangements for countless non-profit and fundraising events throughout the city, saving thousands of dollars.

The owner, Jay Nomura, serves on a variety of boards ranging from the local YMCA to the Montebello Chamber of Commerce. His passion for the next generation is also reflected with his substantial contributions towards the Montebello High School basketball team and Latino Youth Cinema Project. Nomura has unconditionally served the people of Montebello. He was appointed to the Planning Commission along with working closely with the Montebello Lions Club. Our district and the city of Montebello are proud to have M’s Flowers as a business and partner we can count on.