2019 Young Legislators

Riddhi PatelRiddhi Patel
I am currently the Speaker of The House, for the Young Legislators Program. This program has truly opened my mind to a multitude of issues surrounding our state and the process we must go through to solve them. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring new food spots with friends, and watching Netflix.


Enrique MendozaEnrique Mendoza
Each future is different and as of now, I am uncertain of what the future holds for me, but I know that I would like to in some capacity study political science. I plan to work in a field relating to government, whatever that may be; perhaps in the military or locally. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to do three things I really enjoy: running, biking, and listening to music. I love the era of the 1960s, along with the Beatles and Frank Sinatra.


Angela Abigail CooleyAngela Abigail Cooley
As a junior at Cerritos High School, I oftentimes find myself overloaded with school work, however, I always try and set aside time to explore different types of desserts throughout Los Angeles with my mom. I also enjoy finding new music to listen to and my favorite artists are Solange and Ariana Grande at the moment! My interest in politics and health policy has prompted my goal in pursuing political science.


Manish AhanyaManish Ahanya
I really want to pursue public service in the future. Whether that's running for public office or serving in government, I hope to serve others because that's where I can affect the most change not just in my community, but our world. My goal in the future is to participate fully in the political discourse of our country in Washington D.C.


Aimen Syeda AhmedAimen Syeda Ahmed
I am currently a junior at Gahr High School. In my free time, I enjoy reading and playing soccer. Some of my favorite authors include Cassandra Clare and Charles Dickens. Right now, I am not completely sure about what I want to major in. I do hope that at some point in my life, I get to work in the United Nations.


Briana V. AnguloBriana V. Angulo
As an upcoming senior in high school, I aspire to double major in Political Science and International Relations to become a lawyer and a politician. Young Legislators has taught me empowerment, resilience, and cooperation. I have learned to lead with strong purpose and ambition to fulfill my community obligation of serving others. The strong skill set I have developed with this program will lead me to conquer all future endeavors.


Alonso BernalAlonso Bernal
I am currently a junior at Bell Gardens High School and the varsity water polo team captain. I love to have collaborative discussions on real life situations as well as learning new things as I progress forward. I truly believe that the most important thing in life is to learn. I love to respect people’s ideas and their traditions. I also have interned in preparation to become an attorney. Along with this, I also create videos online as a journalist and am also a scriptwriter in my school’s news team.


Cayla BuculeaCayla Buculea
I am currently a junior at Whitney High School. I am a dedicated yearbook editor, co-founder and president of Whitney’s Southeast Asian club, and history enthusiast. When I’m not studying, I can often be found working as a tutor or relaxing with a good book. After graduating in June of 2020, I plan on studying law or political science at a 4-year university.


Ayaan Siraj ChariwalaAyaan Siraj Chariwala
My name is Ayaan Chariwala and I am 17 years old. I am going to be a senior at Gahr High School. I want to use my experience from this program to help me use my skills in computer technology to advance the world while working with neighboring partners. My hobbies include a bunch of physical activities, building computers, and seeing how things work.


Avnita ChatterjeeAvnita Chatterjee
I am currently a part of the graduating class of 2019 at Gahr High School. Being a Young Legislator, I have expanded my community outreach skills within school and personal life. In the near future, I will be attending UCLA as a neuroscience major, hoping to become a neurosurgeon. Along with this, I hope I can apply the lessons I’ve learned by aiding our society through programs and organizations just like YLP.


Garrett CuadrosGarrett Cuadros
I will be a senior in high school next year with only a few online courses remaining.  My plans after high school are to pursue a Bachelor's and maybe a Master’s degree in history. From there, I will pursue a job in the field of History or Anthropology.  One thing about me that many do not know is that I took a college course in Astronomy when I was 12 and am very proud of what I accomplished.


Mousa DiabMousa Diab
My plans for the future are not quite clear yet. I would like to attend college and get a degree in biology. After that, I would like to attend med-school and become a doctor, specifically a plastic surgeon, because I love making people feel more comfortable in their bodies. One thing everyone should know about me is that I am a very hard worker and I will complete a goal despite any obstacles.


Diana EspinosaDiana Espinosa
In the future, I would love to attend UC Irvine or UC Santa Cruz to study law and business. I come from a very loving and hardworking Mexican family. I want to be a lawyer to help my Hispanic community get through unjust obstacles. My biggest inspiration to get through it all are my parents, as they have given so much up to come to a new country so that their only daughter can become someone in life.


Victor Daniel GarciaVictor Daniel Garcia
I am currently a senior in high school.  I will soon be going off to college to study political science and public administration. Once I graduate from college, I plan to continue my career by going to law school and after, obtain a job as a government attorney. I am a big political junkie and enjoy discussing and keeping up with current political events. Overall, I plan to accomplish my career goals throughout my lifetime.


Adionna HazelwoodAdionna Hazelwood
I have always been passionate about a multitude of subjects growing up. Singing is one of these passions and I have pursued this through my participation in choir. Although I love performing, I have always dreamed of being a veterinarian. I plan to volunteer with shelters and zoos to gain a hands-on experience and learn from an educational perspective. I want to continue pursuing a career in singing and maintain a hardworking mindset throughout my journey.


Mayowa JolayemiMayowa Jolayemi
I am a part of the class of 2019 and next year I will be attending Harvard College with the intent of attaining a concentration in Economics and a secondary in either Government or Applied Mathematics. I am very passionate about educational equity and hope to either work in an educational nonprofit or an international governmental body in the future. I´m very grateful for my time in YLP and the experiences it has brought me.


Stephanie LaraStephanie Lara
Throughout my time in the Young Legislators program, I have come to learn many different facets of lawmakers’ interactions with their constituents. One of the many interactions includes upholding the expectations and needs of constituents. I enjoyed my time with the Young Legislators Program. My plans for next year are to complete high school at Schurr with a set path to my top school, Brown University, and continue playing tennis, writing for the school paper, and participating in student government.


Julien MartinezJulien Martinez
My time with the YL Program has been nothing short of sensational. I have learned how bills are designed and passed, as well as their impact on the community and businesses. Learning the importance of state and local government’s collaboration was eye-opening. Through the many trips we’ve had, my favorite was the visit to UCLA. The experience at UCLA has shown me that it’s a place where I can unlock my potential.


Melissa Isabel MayorgaMelissa Isabel Mayorga
The YL program has taught me how to be involved with my community and when to take action or leadership. It has also shown me how complicated and lengthy laws are and the obstacles they have to overcome in order to get passed. I have learned within this that there is a need to compromise and to express the concerns of my community. I plan to go to a community college and then transfer to UCI or UC Berkeley to study criminology or political science.


Jorge Mendoza Jr.Jorge Mendoza Jr.
During the past few months in the Young Legislators Program, I’ve grasped a better understanding of our state’s legislation and how the bills produced from it directly influence communities. Throughout this experience I’m most thankful for my fellow YLs. As for myself, many paths have presented themselves before me, all of which I’m sure will grant me boundless opportunities. I plan on applying next year to local colleges and universities and am planning to major in informatics.


Chasha MontreesirikulChasha Montreesirikul
I am so grateful for everything Team Garcia has done for us YL's and everything I’ve learned throughout the program. Every opportunity that was given to me throughout this program was taken with gratitude and I appreciate everyone on the team. My dream school is Georgetown University and my dream job is to be a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department. In college, I plan to major in International Relations and join the Air Force.


Delany MorenoDelany Moreno
I plan on attending a 4 year university in the state of California. I plan on majoring in either political science or English in order to pursue a career in law or legislature. I enjoy listening to music and drawing on my free time. More importantly, the average plastic water bottle takes approximately 450 years to decompose in a landfill. Please reduce your plastic waste, find/purchase more reusable plastic items, and recycle. Thank you!


Sade O. NeriSade O. Neri
I hope to obtain acceptance into UPenn to study Political Science and a career in politics. I want to continuously advocate for more mental health services in schools and de-stigmatizing mental health. I am incredibly grateful for the YLP which has taught me so much about leadership and empowerment, lessons I will carry throughout my life.


Pamela OzokwoPamela Ozokwo
During the duration of this program I’ve realized the importance and necessity of civil service and the need for people who look out for others. In the future I hope to become a nurse practitioner and then return to school to specialize in dermatology. My favorite engagement within the program was the UCLA trip. It answered many of the questions that I had pertaining to college and gave me many insights on deciding what future route to take.


Valerie PreciadoValerie Preciado
In the past months as a Young Legislator I have had the opportunity to visit diverse institutions around my community and learn about their respected aspects when speaking about their motivation and reasons for being established. Additionally, I learned about different resources that are available to the community that never crossed my mind. Hopefully, I will get accepted into UCLA to study Biology (indeed it is not related to legislation), incorporating myself into the pre-med pathway.


Fausto M. RojasFausto M. Rojas
I will be attending Brown University in the fall, where I will be pursuing a B.A. in Political Science. After this I plan to get a professional degree in a related subject and pursue a profession in public policy. This decision has stemmed from my desire to improve our society and genuinely represent the American people. Regardless of what office I hold in the future, I want to make sure what I do is in the best interests of the people.


Melyssa SupnetMelyssa Supnet
After graduating high school, I plan on attending a four-year college or university, and hopefully remain in California. As of right now, I am unsure of a major, although I hope to decide before I begin the college application process. I am not the most talkative person, and many might inaccurately label me as timid or shy. While I don’t like to start conversations, I will gladly engage in them with anyone, and am always open to making new friends!


Kayla M. TerrazasKayla M. Terrazas
I currently attend Warren High School and will be attending Loyola Marymount University in the fall. I have a passion for community service, which has developed into an interest in leadership and political science. I currently serve with multiple organizations including the Assistance League of Downey Operation School Bell, Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program and the City of Downey. Along with this, I have been a member of the Varsity Women’s Choir for four years.


Syed Haider UraizeeSyed Haider Uraizee
I am currently a senior at Gahr High School and in the near future, I am planning on becoming a Computer Scientist or an Aerospace Engineer. I love taking pictures in my free time or while I am traveling. The lessons I have learned through my life experiences are valuable and I aim to apply the knowledge I have gained in this program towards my future studies.


Tess U-VongcharoenTess U-Vongcharoen
I am a junior at Cerritos High School and hope to pursue a major in communications or economics with a minor in political science. Previously, I have gone on mission trips to Mexico and San Francisco with my church, which has inspired my desire to help others. I hope to pursue a career that gives back to the community and its people, meeting both their spiritual and physical needs.


Damien Thomas WinklerDamien Thomas Winkler
The connections I’ve made with my peers and hosts through the YL program are invaluable to me, and I could not make them anywhere else. I’ve learned that the lawmaking process is much deeper than most know. I hope to spread what I’ve learned here to educate others in my future endeavors.


Katie C. WongKatie C. Wong
After high school, I plan on attending university with a major in psychology. I want to work in a field where I can make a difference in people’s lives and help others discover their own purpose in life. I am a devout vegan who loves taking care of the environment and animals in need. I also enjoy making music and writing in my free time.


Ali M. ZaidiAli M. Zaidi
I founded the College Prep Club, which assists high school students preparing for the college application process. For as long as I can remember, witnessing my grandmother battle post-stroke symptoms daily has driven my curiosity and motivation to study the inner workings of the human brain and become a neurologist. I also hope to explore other topics within science, history, and philosophy.


Isaac Zarate VelazquezIsaac Zarate Velazquez
I am a senior at Bellflower High School this year and after I graduate I would like to pursue a career in paralegal studies. The Young Legislators program helped to develop and flourish my interest in the legislative process while also allowing me to integrate myself in the community in an enjoyable way, all while meeting new people for an overall memorable experience.