Alexis Hernandez

January 2017

Alexis Hernandez

Alexis Hernandez has been serving the youth of Pico Rivera since the young age of 15. Alexis first began serving our community as a founding member and organizer of the El Rancho High School Teen Court which serves the neighboring cities of Whittier, Norwalk, Downey and Santa Fe Springs. Since joining the teen court program, Alexis has assisted over 5,000 youth to become informed and active citizens through their participation as jurors to the court. In 2014, his success resulted in becoming the statewide chairman of the California Association of Youth Courts.

Alexis’ accomplishments expand beyond the teen court program and into the youth voter education, information and registration program. Now 21 years of age, he sits on the board of the El Rancho Teen Foundation and the San Gabriel Youth Citizenship Project.

Mr. Hernandez’ ambitions, intelligence, and accomplishments make him highly deserving of the #Pride58 award.

Congratulations Alexis!