Antonia Lupercio (Commerce)

June 2017

Antonia is involved with the “Embajadoras,” a volunteer group that works to promote the library’s functions and give input to the Commerce Library’s many programs and services. Antonia started to get involved in the group where her children participated in the library’s Summer Reading Club.

Embajadoras was established in 2000 and they are responsible for spreading the word on the library’s various programs. They meet once a month and volunteer their hours and help big events such as the library’s Food for Fines, an event in November, where library patrons can pay their overdue fines by donating canned foods for families in need.

Outside of her work with Embajadoras, Antonia has been a PTA President at her daughter’s school. Alejandra is committed to not only better her children’s education, but all children’s education in her community. She also sits on the library commission for the City of Commerce. They have monthly meetings to make sure the community’s needs are being heard. Most recently, she helped organize a “Know Your Rights” forum organized by the library and the United Farmers Workers Foundation.

“People recognize her in the community as a resource. She is not only a resource, but makes sure to pass on the knowledge she knows to others,” says Evelyn Diaz, Literacy Program Manager at the Commerce Library.