Barney Santos (Montebello)

August 9, 2015

Barney Santos was born and raised in the City of Downey, For over 15 years Barney, his wife and his dog live in the City of Montebello.  Barney is one to give his time and 100% effort in helping others, while expecting nothing in return. He has spent many hours for free, consulting with the Stay Gallery, an arts non-profit in the City of Downey.  As a Marketing Manager at Unilever, business is in his blood. Through the Downey High School Entrepreneurship program, Barney has acted as an advisor and mentor to many deserving young people.  Every year Barney is asked to speak at Transform LA, an event for high school students to understand how to be a business owners, through the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

He is currently serving on the non-profit board for the Entrepreneurial Collegiate Consulting Organization at Cal State Los Angeles, that encourages students to launch their own businesses while in college. Additionally, over the last 4 years at the school,
Barney has taught classes, mentored student entrepreneurs, and helped students looking for career opportunities.

Recently, he was appointed the interim director for Latino Startup Alliance that focuses on helping Latinas and Latinos connect with emerging tech businesses and he is constantly volunteering his free time to advise, mentor and train these budding entrepreneurs.

As you can see, Barney has a talent for inspiring and empowering young people to leverage their creativity, courage and critical thinking, to build companies and create their own destiny. Barney feels a sense of responsibility to use his skills to give back to his community, where he and his wife have made roots and will raise their family. He is touching the lives of others, one by one, and providing hope and opportunity for a bright future.