Bell Gardens High School Environmental Club (Bell Gardens)

December 2017

Bell Gardens High School Environmental Club

The Bell Gardens High School (BGHS) Environmental Club is a group of senior year, college bound students who advocate for environmental justice policies, clean resources, and beautification projects in all spaces, on and off campus, so people can live pollution free.

On campus, the club was able to get 20 recycling bins donated from their City Council after they expressed the need to ensure all items like paper, plastic and boxes are recycled. The money made from the recycling is used for a scholarship, which is awarded to 1 or 2 seniors on their way to college.

The club members have also worked with environmental non-profit, Heal the Bay, to participate in one of the biggest volunteer events in the world, the Coastal Clean-up Day. At this event, they were interviewed by the local KTLA 5 news channel and were trained to be site captains to help educate groups of over 200 volunteers and explore more about clean water advocacy.

As members of the Smoke-free South East LA Coalition, the club, along with the American Lung Association, played a large part in the passing of a city ordinance, writing letters to elected officials and meeting with City Council members, to ensure that public and recreational spaces become smoke-free. The BGHS Environmental Club is a prime example of youth taking an interest in their community and engaging others along the way. They also prove that you are never too young to have pride in your community.