Christopher Jimenez (Montebello)

March 2017

In July 2013, Christopher Jimenez founded the Montebello Youth Leadership Club (MYLC) with the goal of empowering the community’s youth to become future leaders. His vision was sparked at Montebello High School when he joined ASB as a sophomore. By his senior year, Christopher was ASB President and was ready to bring something similar to the community where he could get youth involved.

 “Even though you‘re young, you can make a big impact,” said Christopher, who currently runs the club’s meetings and scouts events for membership to take part in. Additionally, he leads the club’s executive committee, which focuses on activities that will improve club members’ skills with speech writing and public speaking while building their self-confidence.

 “Those who have left [home] to go to college or start work have grown, they are now very involved in schools, organizations, and communities. They’re outgoing and have gained self-confidence through the efforts of the group,” added Christopher.

In total, MYLC has helped approximately 50 members give back to their community through emphasis on volunteerism and civic engagement.  The membership keeps active by volunteering, attending public forums, meeting with elected officials, and leading efforts like community cleanup and beautification days.

Christopher’s goals for the future include wanting to see the group grow in membership, but also expand into other communities. He would like to see MYLC’s efforts replicated in other communities and even throughout the state, focusing on community involvement to make our cities a better place.

Christopher works as a community service aid with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. In his free time, he likes to take pictures and he always keeps his camera with him. He photographs people and whatever else catches his eye. At the moment, he shares his photos on Instagram and is working to create a website.

Congratulations Christopher!