Elaine Burdick (Cerritos)

September 27, 2015

Over many years, Elaine Burdick has dedicated countless hours to her duties as a teacher and as Curriculum Director for grades K thru 12, with the ABC School District. Upon her retirement from the school district, Elaine did not slow down; she became a highly valued volunteer for the Artesia Historical Society. Through her leadership, a program of 3rd grade student tours began, with Elaine coordinating the schools, buses, and docents. Excited students from surrounding cities are now coming to the Artesia Historical Museum to learn about the early life in Artesia, and how Artesia was once a very large community encompassing, Dairy Valley, Hawaiian Gardens, parts of Bellflower, Buena Park, Lakewood and Norwalk. Because of Elaine’s many efforts, over the past 7 years approximately 7,000 students have come through the museum and the Old Station #30 Fire Station. Elaine has built a wonderful reputation as someone who puts children first and today is highly respected by the ABC School District, the Artesia Historical Society and by so many throughout her community. Elaine is a prime example of someone who gives back so much to their community and many people feel blessed to have her in their lives and in the lives of their children. She a special person, with a big heart and through her commitment fuels the hopes and dreams of the many children she touches every day.