Fahir and Gurith Milian of Dolan Home & Ninos Latinos Unidos Inc., Foster Care

May 29, 2016

Fahir and Gurith Milian are known to their community for their dedicated loving service to under-privileged children and their community. They operate Dolan Home, an adult residential facility for the developmentally disabled located in the City of Downey. Dolan Home not only provides assistance to young adults who have been diagnosed as developmentally disabled, but to their families who continue to raise and nurture them.

The couple also spearheads Ninos Latinos Unidos Inc., Foster Care. Ninos Latinos Unidos connects Spanish-speaking foster parents to Latino foster children. Every Thanksgiving, the Milians host an annual event which brings together the foster children, their families, and the community. With the help of various high school students, they put together a great annual celebration consisting of food, special guests, and entertainment that varies from a wood-making booth to jewelry-making workshops.

Mr. and Mrs. Milian have given back to the community for years and continue to do so with a loving, gracious and welcoming spirit.