The Hook Up Internet Café and Resource Center (Montebello)

December 7, 2014

 Hook Up Resource Center

The Hook Up Resource Center offers resume assistance, job search services, textbook loan, a study area, art and music lessons, internet access, computers, printing, food and clothing. Esperanza Ortega and William Valenzuela personally run and fund this center to provide special assistance to veterans and the homeless. 

The inspiration behind The Hook Up is from Esperanza Ortega and William Valenzuela participating in the Occupy movement at E.L.A.C. when they found that many students were homeless. Wanting to do something to assist students, they started the resource center. There is no cost to use any of the services and special assistance is given to veterans and the homeless. The couple freely offers anything that individuals or families may need including food and clothing.  The hook up center is a very important resource to our veterans and those less fortunate in our community. Every Thursday the Hook Up center supplies food to our veterans and others in need. They also assist our veterans with housing, jobs, food and other services.

Recently, William and Esperanza renovated their Almost Home Transitional Housing for Women Veterans. The new renovations give more opportunities for women veterans to have a place to stay in a safe, caring environment.

The Hook Up Center gives our community hope and is a reminder that there are still special people like Esperanza and William who care and are willing to help.