Matthew Trejo “Bubbles 4 Breast Cancer” (Downey)

July 2017

Matthew Trejo was only 9 years old when he found out his aunt, Michele Frantz, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, his aunt, Michele, survived the battle against breast cancer.

This event, however, “made a lasting impression on him,” said Martin Trejo, who is Matthew’s father.

Matthew asked his father if he could dye his hair pink in support of breast cancer research. Martin challenged his son to find other avenues to support breast cancer research.

It was at that point that Matthew thought of selling bubble gum to his peers as a way to gather donations. Matthew thought of bubble gum in part because bubble gum is pink, which is the color largely used to represent breast cancer awareness and research.

Now, three years after his initial idea, Matthew is still committed to his cause. He stands outside his school several days a week and sells bubble gum for 25 cents apiece.

“Bubbles 4 Breast Cancer” could not be possible, however, without Matthew’s classmate, Aron Smulovitz, who also dedicates his time after school to raise money.

Matthew and Aron have collected over $2,200 to date. “Bubbles 4 Breast Cancer” has even gained the attention of mainstream media, including Ryan Seacrest and Double Bubble. Double Bubble has provided over 32 pounds of bubble gum to keep the boys successful in their efforts. Matthew and Aron donate all the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the largest breast-cancer organization in the United States.