PICO Project (Pico Rivera)

September 2017

PICO Project

People Initiating Community Outreach (P.I.C.O.) Project is a community-based and environmental organization founded in the City of Pico Rivera and serves the surrounding areas. P.I.C.O. Project focuses on preparing individuals to advocate for themselves and their neighbors, engage in community service, and initiate personal and collective change. While promoting lifestyles rooted in sustainability, health, and consciousness. Through discussions, workshops and events, P.I.C.O. Project creates teaching and learning circles, where individuals share knowledge to become healthy, well-balanced, and informed community members.

Over the past two years, P.I.C.O. Project has worked with the City of Pico Rivera to inform the community on sustainability and health. Pico Rivera's Summer Street Fest was an avenue to educate the community. P.I.C.O. Project was able to exhibit sprouting demonstrations, Do-it-yourself (DIY) garden and composting displays, and organic cleaning products. Additionally, the P.I.C.O. Project encouraged the community to garden at the Pico Rivera Community Garden. Through this effort, P.I.C.O. Project was able to educate and mobilize groups about the benefits of natural and sustainable gardening. Participants were also taught and received assistance on building barrel gardens, compost barrels, and aquaponics displays.

The P.I.C.O. Project also hosts a variety of programs that provide a sense of community and empowerment. "What's Up Innovators?" one of their many programs, brought activists together to share information in 2017.

P.I.C.O. Project has also become a hub of information and training. Through their social media, the group promotes local government programs/events, workshops, DIY projects, environmental updates, and much more.