Raquel Lizarraga (Cerritos College)

December 28, 2014


Raquel Lizarraga is an administrative clerk for Cerritos College's Technology division and recently, she received the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award from the White House. She was honored for her 400 hours of service to the nonprofit group,  International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA).

Raquel served as a student consultant for ISLA,  where she discovered that drowning is a leading cause of death across the world. Realizing she could raise awareness through social media  to educate, and prevent drowning,  Raquel began volunteering at ISLA. She currently serves as Vice President of Development at ISLA, and travels across the globe leading teams of volunteers, creating social media campaigns and educating local populations about drowning prevention through social media strategies.

Thank you Raquel for being a great ambassador for the International Surf Lifesaving Association and for your commitment to water safety and saving lives, at home and across the world.