Robert Lopez (Montebello)

September 6, 2015

Robert Lopez is an inspiration to everyone in our neighborhood and a role model for the City of Montebello. Robert Lopez’s friend, De Anne Susino, lives half a block away from him on Bluff Road which is adjacent to the riverbed and has a fence and strip of land that runs parallel to the street. Weeds grow, and trash accumulates. According to de Anne, thanks to Robert, the neighborhood barely notices the mess. Each Saturday morning, Robert walks along Bluff Road all the way to Washington Blvd., an entire block, and picks up trash. In addition, he is often seen pushing his lawnmower down the strip to make sure weeds don’t accumulate.

Neighbor De Anne Susino summed Robert up  in these words, “I’ve lived on Bluff Road most of my life, and I can honestly say, Robert Lopez is the only person I have ever seen who cares enough about our neighborhood to singlehandedly keep the land strip clear of trash and free of weeds. He is a great example to all of us.”

Robert, as you see, your persistence in nurturing your small corner of the earth is greatly appreciated.  It shows that one person with a lawn mower and some pride in his community is making his neighborhood a better place and is a great example to all of us on the importance of serving others.