Sandra Núñez (Bell Gardens)

August 30, 2015

Sandra was raised in Bell Gardens and comes from a tight knit family who supported her dream to be successful and be able to give back to the community. While Sandra was a young adult attending college, her sister Jeannette, whom at the time was attending Cal State Dominguez Hills and was diagnosed with cancer. Two months away from graduating cancer took her life. This personal tragedy inspired Sandra to pursue her dream of higher education in remembrance of her sister. Her goal was to one day go back to her community, Bell Gardens, a place that had given her and her family so much. Completing college and aspiring to work in a place where she could honor her sister and motivate students and parents, Sandra earned a position with ICES Education. ICES Education is one of California’s longest-established providers of After School and Out-of-School learning programs. She has now become the Site Director for the after school program at Garfield Elementary in Bell Gardens.  In that role, Sandra organizes music, dance, and sports programs for the students. Her staff also helps out by teaching study skills and assisting students with their homework. Going the extra mile for her students, Sandra aggressively raises money to be able to take the students on field trips throughout the year. In a very short time, Sandra has done so much for her students. She strongly represents the passion and pride that all educators should possess.

Thank you Sandra for coming back home and serving your community. Every day, you teach and inspire young people to excel and to become be better students and better people. You are making a difference and Bell Gardens is a better place because of your commitment.