Asm. Garcia Comments on City of Montebello High Risk Audit Findings

For immediate release:

(Sacramento) – Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) today released the following statement regarding the State Auditor’s High Risk Audit of the City of Montebello. The report can be found here.

“This high-risk audit confirms that the City of Montebello has a lot of serious, ongoing work to do to ensure it provides the best use of taxpayer dollars and public services to its citizens.  The State Controller audit in 2011 still has issues that must be rectified, in addition to what the State Auditor found in the release of today’s High Risk Audit and I find that unacceptable.”

“The Auditor discovered numerous problems and questionable practices with how contracts are given out; in addition to horrible budgeting practices that have put the City in an operating fiscal deficit for years.   The City’s lack of competitive bidding practices and projects is also of grave concern to me.  

"If it does not implement strong fiscal management governing policies, Montebello will continue to be at high risk for fraud, waste, and abuse.  That is not a legacy I will sit idly and watch happen.

“It is offensive that the City of Montebello, nearly nine years later, has more or less ignored the 2011 State Controller audit.  They’ve known the issues that have plagued them, were provided recommendations to rectify the problems and yet still failed to take action putting the City in additional risk.  Montebello leadership must step up and make real changes now.

“Sadly, this not the first audit in my district.  The community and I have witnessed similar patterns throughout the region.  Other cities should learn from these audits and make necessary changes to ensure the public trust in their fiscal management is of the highest caliber.

“I fully support this audit’s recommendations and thank the State Auditor and her team for their thorough and ongoing review.  I look forward to the 60 day update from the City and every status report thereafter.  It’s now time for Montebello to make the necessary changes to rebuild and regain the trust of the community it serves, as well as create financial stability.”





The 58th Assembly District includes the cities of Montebello, Pico Rivera, Commerce, Bell Gardens, Downey, Norwalk, Bellflower, Cerritos and Artesia.