Menstrual Equity Bill Package

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Menstrual Equity Bill Package
AB 31- Ax the Tax, AB 1989- Ingredient Disclosure, AB 2003- Menstrual Product Access

(Sacramento) – Assembly Assemblymember Cristina Garcia continues her work on menstrual equity with the introduction of AB 1989 Ingredient Disclosure, AB 2003 Menstrual Product Access, and the passage of AB 31 Ax the Tax.

AB 1989 will protect people’s health by requiring the disclosure of all ingredients in menstrual products including tampons, pads, cups, disks, sponges, and menstrual underwear.

“It is imperative that consumers have a right to know what is in the products they will be using for over 40 years of their life, in order to protect their health.” Garcia continued “My goal with this legislation is to increase the awareness of the toxic chemicals currently in our menstrual products. It was troubling at best to learn that products people rely on contain Phthalates, Bisphenols, Parabens, and PFAS/PFOA which all have been found to be harmful to human health. Periods are not a luxury and people should have the knowledge to make safer choices.”


AB 2003 would require free menstrual products in community college bathrooms in California. Assemblymember Garcia will expand on her work from 2017, when the self-proclaimed Period Princess was successful in expanding access to menstrual health products with the passage of AB 10.  That bill required school districts to provide free menstrual health products in low-income middle and high school bathrooms.

“The reality is that we don’t choose when or if we have our period and an emergency can pop up at any given time” said Garcia. “We must make menstrual products more accessible for anyone because when those emergencies do arrive we can spend an hour of our lives dealing with it instead of dealing with our day to day responsibilities. This reality is even more compounded for community college students who are struggling to secure other basic necessities - 55% of community college students experience housing insecurity and 62.7% experience food insecurity in the Los Angeles Community College District, this is a bleak reality. To me this is a simple common sense way to help our students and further remove stigmas about our biology, period.”


AB 31 which would repeal the tax charged on menstrual health products for an additional 5 years, passed the Assembly Floor yesterday 77-0, and is now off to the Senate.

“When I originally introduced legislation to Ax the Tax, the bill started a national movement to rectify the discriminatory taxation of menstrual products that cost people born with a uterus in California over $20 million annually in taxes on tampons, sanitary napkins, and menstrual cups.” said Garcia (D-Bell Gardens).  “California was leading the charge, but eleven other states have surpassed California by permanently removing these necessities from being charged a sales tax. We finally moved California into an era with a gender neutral tax code with the 2 year reprieve from taxes, but I will keep fighting in the budget process and through legislation until the tax is removed forever.”



The 58th Assembly District includes the cities of Montebello, Pico Rivera, Commerce, Bell Gardens, Downey, Norwalk, Bellflower, Cerritos and Artesia.

Contact: Ashley Labar, (916) 319-2058