Southeast Los Angeles - Universal Basic Income, Budget Request

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia requests $60 million for a UBI pilot program.

For immediate release:

"On behalf of the communities I serve in Southeast Los Angeles County (SELA), I respectfully submit this request for $60 million over two years for a Southeast Los Angeles universal basic income pilot program to give direct financial relief to working people in one of the most underserved, underfunded, and impacted communities. These funds would greatly support community members and residents in Southeast Los Angeles County.

Prior to the pandemic, Southeast Los Angeles residents were already facing harsh inequities and harms, leading to challenges with environmental health, housing, labor, education, and public health. Here are some key facts:


  • Southeast Los Angeles median income is approximately $40,500 which is 50% of Area Median Income for Los Angeles County and $18,000 less than the county average.
  • About 43% of SELA residents are first-generation immigrants and 28% are non-citizen immigrants.
  • Prior to the COVID-19 economic recession, the unemployment rate in SELA was at 11%- higher than the county average of 8.9%.
  • A quarter of SELA residents have less than $100 in savings and a majority have less than $1,000 on-hand in the case of an emergency.
  • Latinxs make up the majority of the community with 90% of the region identifying as Latino/a/x."

Please read the full Budget Request letter via the pdf.