Landmark Department of Toxic Substances Control Reform Passed

Almost $1 Billion in Cleanup for Hazardous sites

For immediate release:

"(Sacramento) –Today Lawmakers passed SB 158, which reforms the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). SB 158 starts high-level actions to reset DTSC into a department that is more transparent, accountable, and more protective of public health. This bill implements recommendations of the Independent Review Panel that provided recommendations in 2017, including assuring adequate fiscal assurances to bring fiscal stability, creating a board to improve transparency and accountability, improving fiscal assurance requirements, and creating a modern hazardous waste management plan. This landmark trailer bill also includes $500 million over the next 3 years for brownfield clean up and $322.4 million for the cleanup of the community surrounding the Exide Technology Facility. Additionally, the Legislature recently passed AB 128 that included $131.4 million for Exide Cleanup. In total, these two budget actions, ensures that no homes around the Exide facility will be left behind and every home will be cleaned up."

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