Joint-Letter to Governor Newsom to Address the Supply Chain Crisis in an Environmentally Sustainable Manner

For immediate release:

Governor Newsom:

We, the undersigned Legislators, urge you to work with the Legislature on finding ways to address the supply chain crisis in an environmentally sustainable manner. While we believe that resolving the supply chain crisis is critical to the state’s economic prosperity, we should reject the false dichotomy of choosing either economic growth or environmental protection.

The supply chain crisis is a local, state, national, and international issue. California alone did not cause it and it will take coordination at all of these levels to resolve this crisis. We ask that you coordinate with President Biden on addressing congestion problems at the ports and that we work with our federal partners to ensure that our solutions to congestion do not become problems for our air quality.

Recently, a coalition of business groups sent you a letter asking to suspend environmental and worker protections, some of which are still being implemented, in order to normalize the supply chain. They argued that low-income working families cannot afford to deal with the inflated prices of crucial goods caused by the port crisis. While we agree that focusing on working families should be what guides our actions, this misguided and harmful approach will not only fail to fix the supply chain crisis but will ultimately hurt the very families we are trying to protect...

Please read full letter via the PDF.