Assemblymember Cristina Garcia Issues Statement to the METRO Board of Directors on the West Santa Ana Branch Route & Environmental Justice Benefits

For immediate release:

"Honorable Members of the Metro Board:

I write to respectfully request a vote in favor of the West Santa Ana Branch Locally Preferred Alternative 1, which will service Environmental Justice communities along Interstate 710 trucking corridor. The initial period of construction agreed upon in Measure R and Measure M are vital to ensure the health and safety of the communities the West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) will serve. Additionally expedient completion of the WSAB will reduce the demand on the Interstate 710 trucking corridor thus improving goods movement from the ports. It is imperative the resources, money, and time, consumed by the discussion of freeway widening are reallocated to completing the West Santa Ana Branch project. It is outrageous these resources are being used to choke communities like mine versus building transit projects that will heal manufactured community divisions."


Please read full statement via the PDF.