"There Ought to be a Law" Constituent Bill Idea Contest

Proposed by 5th grade class at Bell Gardens Elementary School, Assembly Bill 146 encourages that the “Mexican Repatriation,” the unconstitutional deportation in the 1930’s of over 1 million U.S. citizens and lawful residents of Mexican descent in California, be included in student history textbooks and studies. The new law is effective on January 1, 2016.

There Ought To Be A Law

There Ought To Be A Law

The year prior a submission by Sally and Ron Hoyt, from Bell Gardens, was introduced as Assembly Bill 1596, requiring all completed vote-by-mail applications be mailed directly to the county registrar’s office and not to middlemen or political campaign organizations. AB 1596 became law in 2015.

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The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to travel to Sacramento, testify before an Assembly Committee on the merits of the bill, and will receive a commendation from Assemblymember Garcia.



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