Veteran of the Year 2016

Mr. Lewie Woodson

Lewie Woodson

Veteran Lewie Woodson served in the United States Air Force from 1952-1956. He served in both Korea and France, ranked as an Airman Second Class. Upon his discharge Mr. Woodson received a Medal of Good Conduct. Mr. Woodson has been a resident of Cerritos since 1969. Upon his discharge he went on to obtain his higher education from Long Beach State and Cal State Los Angeles.

Lewie Woodson had a successful career of over 34 years with North American Aviation. He continues to maintain his passion to serve his country by staying involved in the community by working on the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion (CEB) Adoption Committee, which aims to enhance the moral and well-being of veterans, in addition to the Cerritos Gadabouts. Mr. Woodson is also a member of the Let Freedom Ring Committee which organizes events for the 4th of July Celebration to highlight the communities’ local heroes.

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