Landmark Climate Change Legislation Passed by Legislature

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

(Sacramento) – During the State Assembly’s debate of the package of landmark climate change legislation, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D- Bell Gardens) stood in strong support of Assembly Bill 398, the companion measure to her Assembly Bill 617. Assembly Bills 398 and 617 will balance our economic, health and environmental concerns as California works to reach its 2030 climate targets and improve the lives of all residents. “These bills are for people like Maria who takes care of her five grandchildren in a one bedroom apartment in Bell Gardens but, is afraid to let the kids play outside in the poisoned air, and for Rocio who grows vegetables for her family in Commerce, but worries they could be toxic from the contaminated soil,” said Assemblywoman Garcia. “This package shows that we can take care of our global community while ensuring better air quality in our own backyards.” Here’s more in this Assembly Access video.