Young Legislators

**The Young Legislators Program for 2021-2022 is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stay tuned for more information**

Overview of Program

Inspired by Assemblymember Cristina Garcia’s desire to educate — and enrich the lives of — adolescents within her district, the Young Legislators Program seeks to provide high school students with the opportunity to become acquainted with the legislative process and to integrate themselves within their local communities through service. Upon completion of this program, participating individuals will have cultivated a thorough understanding of legislative politics and will be well-equipped with the means necessary to become “leaders of tomorrow.”

The Young Legislators Program consists of both legislative education and community service. By means of the former, students will be able to learn about the process by which proposed bills become laws. And so, participants will routinely discuss among each other possible ideas for legislation and learn how to draft, submit and ultimately win approval for these ideas. On the other hand, the latter portion of the program will give Young Legislators the hands-on experience of working within their communities through attendance of local events hosted by Asm. Garcia’s district office. Moreover, all students who complete the program will travel to Sacramento to hold mock committee meetings and a floor session at the State Capitol building.

Please note that application to — and participation in — the Young Legislators Program is free of cost.





Past Years

Application Process and Requirements

In order to successfully apply for the Young Legislators Program, a student must:

  • Fill out and submit an application by the deadline:  October 31 every year.
  • Accept the Young Legislators Commitment Contract, and
  • Attend the mandatory orientation meeting.

In addition, applicants must be juniors or seniors attending a high school within the 58th State Assembly District for the 2018-19 academic year.

Our goal is to select a few accomplished students who have both the desire and dedication required to better their communities and their lives through this program.

Chad Oberly -
Rida Hamida -

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