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Casework and Constituent Services

Casework and Constituent Services

As your Assemblymember, one of my goals is to ensure that our state government works for you!

If you need assistance with or have questions regarding a state agency, my staff and I can help you find answers to your questions, make the appropriate officials aware of your concerns and work to cut through the "red tape" you might be experiencing. State agencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • State Franchise Tax Board
  • Employment Development Department
  • Medi-Cal and Covered California

A full list of state agencies is available here. In order to provide assistance and inquire on your behalf, please complete and sign a Casework Authorization Form (PDF) so my staff can start helping you.

However, please know that we cannot offer legal advice or intervene in legal matters, such as child custody disputes or traffic cases. Nor can we compel any agency to act in your favor. For assistance with federal issues, such as Social Security Administration or USCIS, I encourage you to contact your federal representative. Find your Federal Representative.

If you have any questions regarding the form or are unsure of where to go for help, please give our office a call at (951) 371-6860.

We are here to serve you and want to help!     

Casework Success Stories

Below are a few successful casework stories that exemplify our dedication to public service and our local community. Please be advised, every case is unique and outcomes may vary.

  • A Jurupa Valley resident contacted our office in search of resources to repair her home to make it habitable. With referrals from our office to two different government programs, the constituent was awarded over $35,000 in grants due to the urgent health and safety repairs needed in her home. Repairs included plumbing, roofing, toilet, and an HVAC.
  • A small business owner in Norco contacted our office because their liquor license had not been issued on the date provided by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). This caused the owner to turn away suppliers--costing him both time and money. My District Office called ABC to inquire about the delay on their behalf and successfully resolved the issue, allowing the small business to continue with their planned operations.
  • A Hospice in Corona informed us that they had been experiencing a delay in obtaining their license and certification renewals from the California Department of Public Health (DPH). When they contacted us, they needed to obtain these documents within 24 hours, or they would lose their ability to practice. My District team responded quickly, contacted DPH, and was able to work with the agency to ensure that they would keep their licensing.
  • An Eastvale constituent’s unemployment benefits were delayed for five weeks due to a discrepancy in the Employment Development Department system. Our team assisted by providing them information about the Inland Office of Appeals. The judge ruled in favor of the person and canceled the five-week penalty period and reestablished the unemployment benefits they were owed.
  • A Riverside resident contacted our office after receiving multiple notices of denials regarding their vehicle registration. The DMV had no record of the resident’s car insurance, even though he did. Our office contacted the DMV and successfully resolved the matter and the resident obtained his vehicle registration.