Delivering for our Communities

Standing for Veterans

$3 Million for a Veterans Resource Center at Norco College to better support student veterans.

$1.7 Million to expand the California Work for Warriors program, providing jobs for California’s service members, veterans, and their spouses.

AB 226 facilitates the process for the spouses of active U.S. Military service members to obtain a teaching credential. Signed into law October 2017.

AB 296 would establish a Women Veterans Health Task Force within the California Department of Veterans Affairs to study issues facing women veterans. Vetoed October 2017.

AB 1618 provides funding to organizations with a proven track record of serving our veterans. Signed into law October 2017.

AB 1786 would create a system to help veteran students attending community college obtain credits for their military-based training. Signed into law September 2018.

AB 2991 will ensure that our County Veteran Service Offices are adequately funded.

Co-Authored Legislation

AB 94 would authorize an organization described in Section 501(c)(19), which is a veteran’s organization, to obtain a tax exemption. Signed into law July 2017.

AB 242 requires the California Department of Public Health to compile data from the electronic death registration system and report the number of Veteran deaths determined to be suicide to the California Department of Veteran Affairs and the Legislature. Signed into law September 2017.

AB 2325 prevents a county from denying county mental or behavioral health services to an eligible veteran, regardless of whether that veteran might be covered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Signed into law June 2018.AB 2439 recognizes the LGBTQ Veterans Memorial at the Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City as the official state LGBTQ veterans memorial. Signed into law August 2018.

SB 339 allows counties with Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC)  to better utilize their resources while allowing counties without VTCs to identify and address barriers to providing services to veterans. Signed into law October 2017.

Building Safer Communities

$2.9 million in ongoing funding for 2 newly created judgeships for the Riverside County Superior Court, intended for the Corona Courthouse. This new funding will allow the courthouse to re-open as a full-time facility. 

AB 303 prevents the early release of sexually violent predators without a trial.

AB 1994 requires county jails to notify the Department of Justice within 15 working days when a registered sex offender has been admitted to or released from their custody. Signed into law September 2018.

AB 2080 clarifies that local law enforcement agencies must provide data to the Department of Justice on both the admission and release of criminal offenders within 30 days. Signed into law September 2018.

Standing with Survivors

AB 164 protects survivors of domestic violence by allowing California courts to honor firearm prohibitions that are part of out-of-state restraining orders.

AB 1746 expedites the process of prosecuting serial perpetrators of sexual battery and statutory rape by making prosecutions of these crimes eligible for consolidation into a single trial. Signed into law September 2018.

AB 1896 ensures confidential counseling for student survivors of sexual assault at our public and private colleges and universities. Signed into law July 2018.

Supporting California’s Small Businesses

$23 million for Small Business Technical Assistance Centers to provide one-on-one counseling, training, and access to capital.

$1.5 million for a regional Workforce Development Center at Norco College to help close the skills gap and bolster the economy.

AB 1553 improves the Capital Access Loan Program and enables more small businesses to access funding to upgrade properties in accordance with ADA guidelines. Signed into law October 2017.

Co-Authored Legislation

AB 2687 requires the Small Business Advocate within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development better address the needs of California small business preparing for future disasters.

Improving Infrastructure

$427 million for 5 key transportation projects to enhance road safety and reduce traffic congestion. 

AB 91 will study the feasibility of allowing single-occupancy cars to use high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, commonly known as “carpool lanes,” during non-peak traffic hours on certain freeways in Western Riverside County. Signed into law September 2018.

Protecting our Environment

$5.5 million for the continued mitigation and restoration efforts for the Stringfellow Superfund Site in Jurupa Valley.

$15 million for the preservation of Jurupa Mountain by the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority to protect our regions' natural open space habitats for wildlife and future generations to enjoy.

AB 179 helps ensure representation on the California Transportation Commission for communities affected by pollution. Signed into law October 2017.

AB 193 creates the Zero-Emission Assurance Project (ZAP), which will provide a rebate for the purchase of a replacement battery or fuel cell for a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) for qualified consumers. Signed into law September 2018.

Co-Authored Legislation

AB 2885 will augment the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project to provide additional incentives and prioritization for residents of disadvantaged communities. Signed into law September 2018.

Expanding Access to Parks and Open Spaces

$18 million for playground improvements in the City of Jurupa Valley--including the development of new open spaces and a community center for all to enjoy. Projects include:

  • Avalon Park - Completed
  • Glen Avon Heritage Park - Completed
  • Laramore Park – Completed
  • Rancho Mira Loma Park - Completed
  • Jurupa Community Center - Completed
  • Development of Horseshoe Lake - Completed
  • Splash Pad at Veterans Memorial Park - Completed
  • Construction of a new Community Center, Sky View Event Center at Vernola Park  - Completed

Increasing Access to Quality Childcare

$5 million for a new Early Childhood Education Center managed by Norco College.