Garcia bill to Ban all E-Cigs for Children

Measure would make it illegal for vendors to sell any type of vaping devices to minors

(Sacramento) – Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has introduced AB 216 that would make it illegal for stores to sell non-nicotine vaping/electronic cigarette devices to anyone under the age of 18.

Current law only prevents minors from purchasing vaping/electronic cigarette devices with nicotine cartridges. Even though these devices come without nicotine, it is still a filtration device that can be used for smoking cannabis, nicotine, or other herbal substances.

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia Encourages Community Networking at her Next “Walk n’ Talk” in Bell Gardens

(Bell Gardens) -- Assemblymember Cristina Garcia invites everyone to join her for monthly community “Walk and Talk” Saturday, February 7, 9:00am, at Ford Park, 8000 Park Lane, in Bell Gardens.

Assemblymember Garcia is pleased to announce that her monthly “Walk and Talk” will entail a new format which will bring government to people’s doors and offers its services instead of waiting for people to come to government. Community members will get a legislative update and then be paired up with a trained community leader to walk their neighborhood, knock on their neighbor’s doors, and share information about services offered through Assemblymember Garcia’s Downey District Office and her partner community groups. This is a great way for neighbors to catch up, share ideas, and build and expand community circles. 

Garcia Introduces Bill to Teach Mexican Repatriation to California Students

Measure would encourage inclusion in school textbooks and curriculum

(Sacramento) – From the wisdom of a classroom of elementary children and their teacher, an idea has become legislation. Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has introduced Assembly Bill 146, encouraging that the unconstitutional deportation of over 1 million U.S. citizens and lawful residents of Mexican descent in California during the 1920’s, be included in student history textbooks and studies.

The Depression Era Mexican Repatriation Act, initiated by President Herbert Hoover, indiscriminately swept up Mexican American citizens and immigrants from dance halls, markets, theaters, hospitals and homes, loaded them into trucks and trains and deported them to Mexico - a gross violation of human rights and to date no apology has been offered by the federal government.

Op-Ed Our Role in Addressing Human Right Violations in Mexico

By Assemblymember Garcia

Yesterday, President Obama met with Mexican President Pena-Nieto to discuss how our two countries can work together to advance our common goals; security, economics and social/human rights issues.  I’d argue that Pena-Nieto should be in Mexico, trying to initiate the reforms his people have been demanding in response to human rights abuses and that the President of the United States shouldn’t give him an audience until he does.

But since the meeting took place,  President Obama should have taken the opportunity  to press Pena-Nieto on human rights abuses in Mexico, the most recent being the massacre of 43 teacher trainees in Iguala.  Pena-Nieto has promised to investigate these abuses, but has taken no action as of yet.  He is in denial and ironically, the extent of any crackdown has been to stifle the voices of protesters, claiming them to be part of a movement to destabilize the government.  Even now citizens of Mexico protest in outrage.  Our country and our president are in a unique position to hold Pena-Nieto accountable.  And there is no better time than now.

Assemblymember Garcia Elected to the California Legislative Women’s Caucus Leadership

(Sacramento) –Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has been elected by her peers to serve as Vice-Chair to the California Legislative Women’s Caucus.

The Legislative Women's Caucus represents and advocates on behalf of the diverse interests of women, children and families throughout California. It also seeks to increase participation and representation of women in state government.

Assemblymember Garcia’s Second “There Ought to Be a Law” Contest

(Downey) – Assemblymember Cristina Garcia will be launching her second “There Ought to Be a Law” contest for residents of the 58th Assembly District. Constituents from the cities of Montebello, Pico Rivera, Commerce, Bell Gardens, Downey, Norwalk, Bellflower, Cerritos and Artesia are invited to submit ideas or proposals for a new state law.

Entries can cover a wide range of issues that can be addressed by legislation, with the intent of improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods throughout the state of California.

Assemblymember Garcia Introduces Two Measures on the First day of Session

Residency Transparency and Child Safety Measure

(Sacramento) –Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell-Gardens) kicked off her new role as Assistant Majority Floor Leader by introducing two measures on the first day of the 2014-15 Legislative session.

As a firm believer in ethics and transparency in government and as an advocate for the protection of children, Garcia has introduced the following measures:

Kick off Saturday Morning with Assemblymember Cristina Garcia for a “Walk n’ Talk” in Downey

(Bell Gardens) -- Assemblymember Cristina Garcia invites everyone to join her for monthly community “Walk and Talk” Saturday, December 6, 8:00am, at Wilderness Park, 10999 Little Lake Road in Downey.

The walk is an informal setting for the community to catch up, share ideas, build and expand on our community circles. During the stroll, all walkers will have an opportunity to ask questions about Assemblymember Garcia’s legislative package, discuss issues local of importance and learn about services offered through her Downey District Office.

Fema-Supported Beach Profile Data Collection 2014-2015

Project No. 13-017-02
Project Manager: Moira McEnespy

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Authorization to disburse up to $25,000 to the University of Southern California Sea Grant Program to provide surveys of beach profile changes and high-water mark data along Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles County.

LOCATION: Beach areas of Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles County


      • Project Location Map