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Postpartum mental illness: The health crisis no expectant mother expects

Eva Schwartz didn’t have a history of mental illness. There were never any indicators that the birth of her first child would spark a years-long struggle that would threaten her marriage and her life.

Schwartz was 29 in 2015, with a stable home life in Sacramento, as she awaited the arrival of her firstborn son, Isaac. She felt prepared. She had taken all the classes, followed all the mommy pages on Facebook. She was going to have a natural birth, she said, and exclusively breastfeed once Isaac was born.

Cervantes Bill to Strengthen Sexual Assault Policies on College Campuses Signed Into Law

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1000 by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona) into law. AB 1000 would require higher education institutions to review and update written procedures and protocols related to sexual assault and harassment each academic year in collaboration with sexual assault counselors and representatives of students, faculty, and staff.

Opinion: Legislature gives passing nod to the Inland Empire

To say Sacramento’s attention to Inland needs is overdue is an understatement. For years this area has been a political afterthought.

So special kudos to the lawmakers for including in their $213 billion budget a few million dollars so UC Riverside’s medical school can expand and the Inland area can get more judges.