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In Cases of Sexual Assault, Clothing Can No Longer Be Used as Evidence of Consent Under New California Law

Assembly Bill 939, the Denim Day Act of 2021, was co-authored by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes and signed by Governor Newsom on Oct. 5. Cervantes district includes the cities of Corona, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, and the west side of Riverside. In my 11-minute interview with the assemblymember, she spoke of her motivations to write the bill and shared other bills she authored that Governor Newsom signed.

Governor Signs Cervantes Bill to Increase Access to Maternal Mental Health Care

(SACRAMENTO) – This week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1477 by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona) into law. Assembly Bill 1477, which will require a licensed health care practitioner who provides prenatal, postpartum, or interpregnancy care to give expectant mothers appropriate screening for maternal mental health (MMH) conditions.

Denim Day Act of 2021 Signed Into Law

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 939, the Denim Day Act of 2021 by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona). AB 939 fulfills the promise of Denim Day by removing an existing provision of law that allows the manner in which a survivor was dressed to be admitted as evidence of consent in a criminal case involving sexual assault, and thus makes it clear that clothes can never provide consent.

Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes Delivers $8 Million for the Revitalization of Las Coronas Affordable Housing Communities in Corona

CORONA, CA – Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes presented an $8 million dollar grant to the City of Corona on behalf of the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The grant was secured as part of the 2021-2022 State Budget, and will be used to complete critical renovations at the Las Coronas Affordable Housing Communities, Corona de Oro and Corona del Rey.

Governor Signs Cervantes Bill to Decrease Barriers to Stepparent Adoption

(SACRAMENTO) – Governor Gavin Newsom has signed Assembly Bill 746 by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona) into law. AB 746 clarifies that couples seeking stepparent adoptions are not required to be married or in a legal union for a minimum amount of time, or have a specific income or education level, in order for an adoption to be granted.